JET Program

Tokyo Orientation Day 2

If you have no teaching experience, today will be a great and informative day for you! If you do have teaching experience…I’m sorry :/

7:00am – 8:30am Breakfast

Once again, this meal is provided by JET with the same options as the day before.

9:00am – 10:30am Panel Discussion

You will hear some great advice from some current, experienced JETs teaching all over Japan. But, take everything you hear with a grain of salt. If you haven’t seen/heard the phrase ESID (Every Situation Is Different) yet, you will from now on, I promise. And there is no better way to describe the JET Program than that.

10:45am – 4:00pm MEXT Workshops 1 – 3 (and Lunch)

These workshops will consist of teaching you how to teach in Japan. They’re meant to give you a taste of what teaching can/will be like for you, as well as give you ideas you could potentially use in your classroom

4:15pm – 5:05pm Host Prefecture/Designated City Meetings

If you happened to miss anyone who was also going to be teaching in your prefecture at the Welcome Reception, here’s your chance to meet them again. You’ll also be meeting your Kencho ALT who has more than likely been sending you emails for the past couple of months. During this time you will also be receiving information about your departure the next day. Make sure to ask what you should wear! Some (most) JETs are expected to wear their suits again as they will be meeting many important people, but some lucky ones can dress very casually as they will only be traveling that day.

5:15pm – 8:00pm Luggage Collection

That’s right. More than likely, you will have to part from your luggage the night before the actual departure. You won’t be getting this back until you’ve reached your prefecture. I would suggest bringing a backpack, or something similar, with you to the orientation because where else are you going to put away your PJs and toiletries the next day?

Now you’ve completed Day 2! All that’s left is to leave to your prefecture the next morning! Good luck~!!

My outfit for day two of orientation

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