October Wrap Up

October was by far my most exciting month in Japan. The highlights were my mom coming to visit me, finally getting my internet, and my birthday. Mix in attending my first school festival, running my first marathon, and Halloween, it was definitely a great month.


My dear mother came to visit me around the beginning of October. “Isn’t that awfully soon?” you might be thinking to yourself. Yeah, maybe it is. But I’m always down for my mother coming to visit and my mom is always down to travel, so hey, it works for us. 😛

We started off my mom’s trip by visiting Nara and feeding the ever cute, and slightly aggressive, deer.


We also spent a day wondering around Kyoto’s many famous temples and shrines.


We ended the mini-trip with some shopping in Osaka.


After that it was time to take my mom to my little town and show her where I lived. The best part about the timing of her trip was that I got the chance to introduce her to some of the locals.


I also took her to both of my schools and the students loved her. She was actually the guest teacher in two of my classes, which neither of us were expecting. They ended the class by challenging her to memorize all their names, which I thought was hilarious considering I still don’t know their names. She gave it her best shot, but it was a pretty impossible task.

My mom’s trip ended way too soon, but I know she’ll be back again.


Moving onto my next highlight of the month, the internet!

After having to wait two months, one week, and four days, I finally got the internet. I was the last out of all of the people I knew to get the internet, even though I started the process around the same time. There were some “complications” with my application that my middleman didn’t bothering telling me about until I asked him what the heck was going on. So that was partly the reason for my excessive wait. The other part was cruel fate and shitty service.

My surprise birthday dinner was definitely a great way to end the month. Add in two Halloween parties and you can bet that I was partied out for November. October was great and much needed after my stressful September.


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