I’m Still Alive!

Hello Lovelies! 

Please excuse my MIA status for the past…forever…(I know, it’s been way too long!) But between having to wait 3 months to get my internet, having the social life of Ms. Popularity, sightseeing,  Japanese classes, work, trainings, seminars, etc.,  I haven’t had time to do anything!

However, I think I’ve finally gotten this juggling act down (kind of) so now I can start blogging again! Not to mention that the cold weather is now upon us so my friends will finally be inclined to stay home (I hope) and then I can have more time to blog and share my life and experiences with you guys!

A lot has happened since I’ve moved to Japan and the guilt of not sharing everything with you guys had been eating away at me. But, as I’ve said, that will no longer be the case. Starting now, I will be blogging more frequently and constantly. So please keep an eye out for my next post! I promise you won’t have to wait to months ;P 

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